Packages and Pricing

I offer five package services as well as a la cart services that may be added to packages or scheduled as a stand-alone service. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that the job will be done to extremely high standards with the utmost attention to detail. I am always working hard to meet your needs and bring the best value in automotive detailing and specialty cleaning services. You'll get a great value, excellent service, and an excellent cleaning.

How my Pricing Works

Prices for my detailing and paint-correction packages are based on the size of the vehicle and the vehicle's condition. As such, all prices listed are the starting price for service. I base this on the time I take to clean a similarly-sized vehicle with an average level of dirt, soil, and stains. Once I see and can inspect the vehicle, I will give you a solid price and a full explanation before starting work.

What Size is Your Vehicle?

Breaking down vehicles by size helps determine the amount of time, products, and work a vehicle will need to bring it back to a pristine, like new condition. Larger vehicles need more than smaller ones simply based on surface area alone. 

  • Small Vehicles - Any passenger car, hatchback, or crossover. Small trucks.
  • Medium Vehicles - Small SUVs (2 seating rows), large crossovers (such as the Subaru Outback), and Single-Cab trucks.
  • Large Vehicles - Large SUVs (3 seating rows), Minivans. Crew Cab Trucks (2 seating rows)
  • Xtra-Large - Full size vans, larger SUVs (suburbans, etc), large trucks (Lifted larger trucks, Ford Lariat, etc)

For commercial vehicles, ambulances, and emergency vehicles, please contact me to ask about sizing and pricing.

What Services Would You Like?

I offer five detailing service packages and several a few a la cart services to make choosing what you want easy and convenient. 

Choose from the packages below or look at the stand-alone services. All stand-alone services can be added to a detail package and can help make your vehicle look and feel like new.

In addition to auto detailing and deep cleaning services, I also offer paint correction, which is compounding, buffing, and polishing paint to a show-car shine.

While I'm always happy to speak with you to tailor a service exactly how you might like it, my most popular service packages cover most customer needs.

Full-Service Detailing Packages:

  • Full Detail Cleaning - Interior and Exterior full service Deep Cleaning, Decontamination, and Protection
  • Interior Detail - Interior Only Detail and Deep Cleaning
  • Exterior Detail - Exterior Only Detail Wash, Paint Decontamination, and Protection
  • Interior PLUS - Interior Detail and Deep Cleaning PLUS an express exterior wash and protect.
  • Exterior PLUS - Exterior Detail Wash, Paint Decontamination, and Protection PLUS an express interior cleaning.

The details are explained below. I offer these packages to make purchasing what you need easier, but am happy to help in any way you need. Don't see what you'd like? You can also contact me directly to ask any questions. I'm happy to provide whatever service you need. It's your vehicle, I'll help however you like.

Main Detailing Packages and Pricing


Full Detail - Inside and Out

My flagship service. Get the interior of your vehicle deep cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized back to an "As perfect as possible" state as well as getting a full detail wash, paint decontamination, and 6-month protection package to bring your vehicle's exterior back to a showroom shine.

Small - $225 (4-5 hrs)

Medium - $300 (6-7hrs)

Large - $375 (7-8hrs)

Extra Large - $450 (8-9hrs)

Interior Only - Detailed Deep Cleaning

Looking to only restore and rejuvenate your vehicle's interior? This is a full deep cleaning of the inside of your vehicle to my exacting standards.

Small - $175

Medium - $225

Large - $275

Extra Large - $325


Want to make the outside of your vehicle put it's best foot forward? Clean, slick, and glossy paint with restored trim and clean wheels await. This is an exterior-only detailed wash, paint decontamination, and 6-month paint protection package.

Small - $75

Medium - $125

Large - $175

Extra Large - $225

Detailing PLUS packages

Interior PLUS

Looking to add value to your interior detailing package? Upgrade to an Interior PLUS package which includes the full interior detailed deep cleaning PLUS a quick exterior wash and protection.

  • Small - $200
  • Medium - $250
  • Large - $300
  • Extra Large - $375

Exterior PLUS

With this value-added package you get all of the clean, shiny goodness of the exterior detail, decontamination, and protection package PLUS a surface-level vacuum, wipe down, and freshening of your vehicle's interior.

  • Small - $125
  • Medium - $175
  • Large - $225
  • Extra Large - $275

What's included in an Interior Detail and Deep Cleaning?

This service includes a thorough deep-cleaning of your vehicle's interior, using professional tools, products, and techniques to bring your interior back to an "as perfect as possible" condition. Every surface will be cleaned with nothing missed, paying attention to the Minor Details that set us apart from other detailers. You spend a lot of time in your vehicle, make it feel great being in there.

  • All plastic and vinyl surfaces cleaned, steamed (if necessary), and blown out with compressed air.
  • All fabric surfaces, including carpets, cloth panel covers, and cloth seats deep cleaned, steamed if necessary, and extracted. Stains and odors will be removed. 
  • Thorough vacuuming, brushing, compressed air cleaning, steaming, and extraction of carpets.
  • Every crack, crevice, seam, nook, and cranny thoroughly cleaned.
  • Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned.
  • All appropriate hard surfaces treated and conditioned with an appropriate UV-protectant product.

My interior deep cleaning and detailing services are among the best in the business. I take the skills I learned cleaning in a medical environment and make your car look, smell, and feel like new, bringing everthing to an "as perfect as possible" condition.


  • Excessive Dog Hair $50/hr extra
  • Excessive Dirt/Soil/Staining $50/hr extra
  • Biohazard (Vomit, urine, feces, blood, etc.) $50/hr extra
  • Mold (Systemic) $100/hr extra (Min 1 hr)
  • Full Headliner clean (Beyond included spot cleaning) $25
  • Severe odor removal $50
  • Smoke smell (tobacco or other) $75

What's Included in an Exterior Detail/Decontamination Wash?

Put your vehicle's best foot forward! Spiff up your vehicle's exterior, prevent rust and environmental damage, and get long-lasting protection for your paint and trim. An exterior detail thoroughly washes your vehicle's exterior, cleaning every surface both seen and unseen. It goes far beyond a simple car wash, getting every crack and crevice, every body seam, and all of the jambs between your doors, hood, and trunk/back gate. Your wheels, tires, and wheel wells will be cleaned thoroughly to prevent rust and deterioration. A "clay bar" treatment will be performed along with specific chemicals used to decontaminate your paint and remove "bonded contaminants" that can't be removed via regular washing. I'll follow that with a 6-month ceramic or PTFE-based paint sealant to protect from environmental damage and keep your paint, trim, and glass looking great.

  • Thorough detail wash cleaning every nook and cranny of your vehicle's exterior including underhood jambs, trunk/tailgate/rear gate jate jambs, and door jambs. 
  • Thorough cleaning of wheels, tires, and wheelwells with iron deposit removal.
  • Paint Decontamination with a clay bar treatment plus iron and mineral deposit removing chemicals to leave clean clear coat free of bonded contaminants.
  • 6-mo paint protection with a ceramic or PTFE sealant.


  • Excessive Tar or Tree Sap $50/hr
  • Excessive Road Paint $50/hr
  • Excessive Mud/Dirt/Bugs $25/hr
  • Excessive Iron Contamination/Overspray $25
  • Excessite Water Spotting $25
  • Intricate Aftermarket Parts $25


A Full-Service Interior and Exterior detail package includes both of the above interior and exterior services. It's like you're getting a whole new vehicle for less cost than if you purchased an individual interior or exterior service package.

If you're just looking for an Interior deep cleaning or an exterior detail, you can add value to your service without adding a lot of additional cost with one of my "Plus" packages.

My "Interior Plus" and "Exterior Plus" packages which include a full detail cleaning of either the interior or exterior of your vehicle per your choice also include a quick light cleaning of the interior or exterior to add value but concentrate on what's important for your wishes.

  • Interior Plus - Full Interior Detail and Deep Clean as above, with a quick wash and wax of the exterior.
  • Exterior Plus - Full Exterior Detail Wash, Paint Decontamination, and 6-MO sealant as above, with a quick wipe and vacuum once-over of the interior. 

The "Plus" services aren't full detail cleaning of those areas, but are a nice added touch.

Finally, Check for Any Upcharges:

Some vehicles need more attention and care than others due to their condition. The dirtier the vehicle is, or the more stains, smells, or difficult substances that are on the surfaces or in the fabrics, the longer it takes me to clean it. Since dirtier vehicles and special situations take more time and add to my costs, I upcharge for some situations including but not necessarily limited to the above. 

Upcharges to Detailing Packages

Interior Upcharges:

  • Excessive Dirt, Soil, Staining, etc - $50/hr
  • Excessive Dog Hair or Pet Hair - $50/hr
  • Biohazard (Vomit, Urine, Feces, Blood, etc) $50/hr
  • Mold (systemic) - $100/hr
  • Severe Odor Removal - $50/hr
  • Smoke Smell/Ash/Tar Removal (Tobacco or "other") - $75/hr
  • Full Headliner Clean (beyond spot cleaning, which is included in an interior full detail) - $25

Exterior Upcharges:

  • Excessive Tar or Tree Sap - $50/hr
  • Excessive Road Paint - $50/hr
  • Excessive Mud/Dirt/Bug splatter - $50/hr
  • Excessive Iron Contamination - $25
  • Excessive Water Spotting - $25
  • Intricate Aftermarket Parts - $25/hr

(All prices above marked per hour start at a minimum of 1 hour but will be estimated and quoted upon my inspection of the vehicle)

Now Let's Talk Paint Correction

Polishing out the swirls, scratches, and oxidation from your clear coat provides more than just a slick, smooth surface and a great depth of shine, it also allows paint protection to bond better with the freshly exfoliated clear coat and last longer and provide better protection.

What is "Paint Correction?"

Simply put, correcting paint is the process of using a machine polisher with an appropriate polishing pad and a mild abrasive media to polish the clear coat paint sitting over the colored paint of your vehicle's exterior. This leaves a very smooth, slick, and glossy surface and polishes out the oxidation, swirl marks, pitting, etching, and other surface defects that all vehicles pick up over time. Your vehicle will go from looking "just ok" to looking eye-poppingly glossy with a depth of color, slickness, and shine that will make it look better than new.

Pricing for Paint Correction runs at $50/hr and must be purchased along with an a full exterior detail wash, paint decontamination, and sealant application. If you are looking to have minor exterior damage "buffed out" then you will also generally, but not always, need this service performed. 

Starting Time and Price Estimates added to the the price of an appropriate exterior detail package:

  • Small Vehicles - Approximately 1 hour / $50
  • Medium Vehicles -  Approximately 2-3 hours / $100
  • Large Vehicles - Approximately 3-4 hours / $150
  • Extra Large Vehicles - Approximately 4-5 hrs / $200

All prices above are estimated based on a one-step polish or Paint Enhancement with either an AIO Polish/Sealant or a Polish before a ceramic/PTFE sealant. Some vehicles may need more than a one-step depending upon the condition of the underlying paint. I will provide a final price after seeing the vehicle and before starting work. 

Additional Exterior Services

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Bring your foggy, scratched, and clouded headlights back to being crystal clear. I'll wet sand, polish, and protect them to bring them back to looking like new and keep them that way. Keep your view clear, your lights bright, and your travels safe. - Starting at $50 for both lights.
Minor Damage Repair

Minor Damage Repair

Let us remove paint transfer, minor scratches, chemical etching, and other light damage that can be removed without adding paint. If "It'll buff out" I may be able to save you a trip to the body shop for an expensive repair. Take a picture of it and send it to me via text, FB Messenger, or E-mail. I'll let you know what I think I might be able to do. - Starting price is $50/hr (Minimum one hour unless part of a full paint correction package)
Excessive Tar, Sap, Road Paint, and other contaminant removal

Excessive Tar, Sap, Road Paint, and other contaminant removal

Things happen. Let me safely remove excessive road tar, tree sap, road paint, concrete, and other contaminants from your vehicle's exterior. Talk to me about removing the contaminants without removing the paint or causing damage to your vehicle that can't be undone. Please... don't take a Magic Eraser to your paint. Just call me

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I offer Maintenance Cleaning Packages to keep your vehicle looking great!

Interior Maintenance Cleaning

Interior Maintenance Cleaning

For vehicles we have recently detailed, this service provides a quick refresh of the interior of an already detailed vehicle to keep it looking in top shape. Schedule this within 2-3 months of your initial full detail and keep your vehicle's interior looking great! I also offer this as a recurring service. $50-75 per visit depending on condition (If within 3 months)
Exterior Maintenance Cleaning/Protection

Exterior Maintenance Cleaning/Protection

This is a detailed wash and reapplication of paint protection for vehicles that have underwent an exterior detailing and paint decontamination within the last 2-3 months. It thoroughly cleans the vehicle and tops off the paint sealant to keep your vehicle protected and looking great. This is also offered as a recurring service. $50-75 per visit (If scheduled within 3 months)