Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing Done at Your Place or Mine

I am a full-service professional detailer with the experience, knowledge, and skill to tackle any job you may have. Your vehicle is in excellent hands and I'll make sure you're satisfied with the result. Details matter, and so does your detailer. I don't cut corners and I safely clean and restore vehicles to "as perfect as possible" condition. I offer a variety of services that will bring your vehicle to a like-new condition and help keep it that way. 

You deserve a clean, safe, and sanitary vehicle that looks great and feels good to ride in. Let my experience make that happen.


Decontamination Wash

Deep clean the exterior of your vehicle and remove the contaminants washing alone can’t get. While a routine car wash does a pretty ok job of removing most traffic films and dirt, washing your car doesn’t remove everything. Some contaminants build up on your paint that can’t be removed by a regular wash alone. These “bonded contaminants” as they are known in the Biz are small particles that embed themselves into your paint and clear coat and must be removed through chemical or physical methods. These are usually mineral deposits, water spots, sharp pieces of grit, and iron particles that cause etching and other damage to your paint over time. This damage invites oxidation, small scratches, and eventually clear coat failure and rust. You can feel these embedded contaminants after a wash by running your finger over the paint. Paint shouldn’t feel rough like sandpaper. Your finger should glide across it smoothly without sticking or making a sound. If it isn’t smooth, slick, and glossy it has embedded contaminants that should be removed. This very thorough, professional cleaning also removes tar, sap, and the hardest bug matter.


Maintenance Wash

A quicker clean, a maintenance wash is meant to be a very thorough wash of a vehicle's exterior without the decontamination steps such as a clay bar or chemical decontamination products. This is good for vehicles that have been previously decontaminated or are regularly detail cleaned. All of the same areas such as door, hood, and trunk jambs are cleaned. Wheels and tires are also scrubbed. Follow this service up with a quick top off of a quality sealant for lasting paint protection and keep your vehicle's well-maintained exterior looking in top shape.

Paint Correction

Commonly known as "Buffing" and "Polishing," the term "Paint correction" is used by professionals to describe the act of using a machine and a lightly abrasive compound or polish to mechanically smooth the surface of your clear coat at a microscopic level. This physically removes the scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and other damages that your paint gets over time. Every time you wash your vehicle you scratch the paint on a minute level. Improper washing, abrasive dirt, automatic car washes, and stiff wash brushes cause more damage than you think. A paint correction fixes all of it and restores your vehicle to a mirror shine. Add a "One-Step" correction to remove most defects and oxidation, a full "two-step Cut and Polish" to remove heavy defects and repair badly worn surfaces, or even add some wet-sanding. Talk to us about your vehicle's needs.

Paint Protection

Your paint is constantly exposed to the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer. UV radiation from the sun, dirt, water spots, and all manner of nastiness is just waiting to leave a lasting negative impression on your vehcle's paint and other surfaces. Let me protect it with professional-grade paint protection products.

The industry has moved beyond wax, and I offer modern, field tested products that will provide a lasting beauty for your vehicle's exterior keeping it slick, shiny, and looking great.

I offer:

  • Hybrid Ceramic Spray Coating (Lasts 6 months-ish)
  • PTFE-Based (Teflon) sealant + wax combo (Lasts 4-6 months ish)
  • Other options both ceramic and PTFE-based optimized to suit your vehicle's specific needs. 

Additional Exterior Services

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Got foggy headlights? Modern headlights are manufactured from hard polycarbonate plastic that is then coated with clear coat. This coating provides UV ray protection and other benefits, but it wears out over time. Scratches and swirls, oxidation, and other damage degrades the coating on your headlights and can leave them looking foggy. Let us fix them! We can lightly sand, polish, and reapply durable protection to keep your headlights crystal clear and your night time driving safe.
Minor Damage Repair

Minor Damage Repair

Did you have an oops? Light scratches, paint transfer, chemical etching, and other damages may not be as bad as they seem. As long as the scratch isn't down to the bare metal or deep into the colored paint, it really may buff out. You'd be surprised at what we may be able to fix with a solid paint correction or wet-sanding. Not all damage is fixable by a detailer, but have us take a look. A detail is vastly cheaper than a body shop.
Excessive Tar, Sap, Road Paint, and other contaminant removal

Excessive Tar, Sap, Road Paint, and other contaminant removal

Things happen. Let us safely remove excessive road tar, tree sap, road paint, concrete, and other contaminants from your vehicle's exterior. Talk to us about removing the contaminants without removing the paint or causing damage to your vehicle that can't be undone.

Interior Detailing and Deep Cleaning

Clean, sanitary, fresh-smelling, and well-protected. Let me deep clean every nook and cranny of your car's interior. I use professional cleaning products, professional-grade tools, high-pressure steam, and compressed air to get your vehicle "as perfect as possible." I shampoo and extract fabrics such as seats and carpets, deep clean and condition leather, and do the most thorough work in the business. Stains? Odors? Ground-in dirt? I got this. Let me clean it all out for you and make your vehicle a joy to be in.

I clean every nook and cranny of your interior with an attention to the most minor of details. Nothing is left untouched and nothing but "as perfect as possible" will do. A full interior detail and deep cleaning touches on all interior surfaces including plastics, Vinyl, leather, fabrics, seats, and carpets. It includes air vents, seat rails, cup holders, and door jambs. Anywhere that can be cleaned will be cleaned using my full array of tools, proper professional cleaning products, compressed air, vacuuming, high-pressure steam cleaning, shampooing and extraction of fabrics.

My results speak for themselves. You're going to love how your vehicle looks and feels once I get done with it.

Interior Deep Cleaning

Cloth Seats

Stains? Spills? Odors? Dirt? Let us get everything out with deep cleaning of your cloth seats. We'll use the proper cleaning products, brush and agitate the cleaner deep into the fabric to dissolve and loosen the soil, and extract the fabric to rinse the cleaner and wash all of the yucky stuff away. We offer deep cleaning and extraction as well as low-moisture encapsulation cleaning methods depending on what your vehicle needs.

Leather Seats

Deeply clean and condition your leather, "pleather", or Vinyl seats. We use proper cleaners, gentle agitation, and steam to deeply clean leather and similar surfaces before we deeply condition them using a proper product to protect them and maintain their look and feel. Jean transfer? Ground-in dirt? Stains? We'll get it all out and get them looking, feeling, and staying as good as new.

Carpets and Fabrics

Thorough vacuuming, compressed air blowouts, deep brushing, wet extraction, low-moisture shampooing, pet hair removal, stain removal, enzyme treatments, and everything needed to get your carpets looking, smelling, and feeling better than new.

Interior Plastics and Hard Surfaces

We deep clean interior plastics such as the dash, panels, and other hard surfaces using proper cleaners and gentle yet effective agitation. We use steam and compressed air to thoroughly clean everywhere, leaving nothing behind but clean. Then we condition them to preserve their look and protect against spills and UV damage. You can choose the level of gloss from a matte to a shiny finish.

Odor Removal

Does your car have a smell to it? Is there some kind of funk in there? Maybe it was smoked in. Maybe there was a spill that never got cleaned up and has soaked into everywhere. Maybe it smells like a wet dog or a foot or still like that time you picked up your friend from the bar and they got sick. We'll clean the source of the odor, thoroughly extract out the remaining mess, and treat everything with appropriate products that eliminate the odor, not just cover it up. In fact, our products are only lightly scented if at all so all you smell is the clean.

Get the Hidden Areas

All deep cleans and full interior details include the hidden areas between, behind, and under seats. In compartments and cup holders, and under things like the trunk liner. We go deep and pay attention to the things that aren't often thought about. Feel free to check our work, you'll be happy with what you find.

Interested in restoring your vehicle and booking a detail?

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